That feels better, work on the other side please!

That feels better, work on the other side please!

Is your horse…?




moving poorly

not quite right

intermittently lame

behaving differently

losing muscle



Happy, healthy horses perform better.

Just like human athletes, horses develop aches and pains during training and competition. Equine therapy provides solutions for healing and relaxation to alleviate these stresses, so your horses are mentally and physically ready when you ask them to perform. Below are some of the ways therapy benefits the body:


Decreasing inflammation

Breaking mental pain cycles

Relieving muscle spasm and tension

Increasing blood flow

Releasing endorphins

Improving range of motion

Restoring strength to injured tissues


The effects of therapy build upon previous sessions, making regular sessions important for effective preventative maintenance. A care plan will be created after initial evaluation and discussion of your horse’s history, current condition and your goals.

Equine therapy also provides a non-invasive supplement to veterinary care following an injury or surgery. Sarah coordinates with veterinarians to create a care plan based on their diagnosis. Pain relief and accelerated healing from therapy returns horses to soundness sooner with a lower risk of re-injury.

When your horses love what they do, you both can excel.

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